Our Commitment to Our Clients

  • The Reliable Editor will work with you to understand exactly what you need and tailor our services to your requirements
  • We’ll never ‘oversell’ our services; for example, if you need proofreading, we won’t insist that copy editing is the right solution
  • We’ll provide a skilled editor or proofreader to complete the work for you, to the deadline and specifications that we’ve agreed
  • We will complete your work to the highest standards; we take pride in doing ‘a little bit more’ at every level
  • We’ll continue to provide client care after we’ve returned your document to you, and will  re-edit your document at no extra charge if by chance you happen to find an error after we’ve completed our work
  • Where we think it will be helpful and relevant, we will provide practical advice and guidance on how you could enhance your work
  • If we run into any problems with your work, we will let you know immediately and work with you to resolve any issues to our mutual satisfaction
  • We hold your work confidentially and respect your privacy; we’ll never share your details with anyone outside The Reliable Editor. For additional details, please see our Confidentiality section.

The way you express yourself matters

Most importantly, we believe that editing is a profession, and we are professionals. Every client and every piece of work receives the same high quality service and respect. At The Reliable Editor, we believe not only that what you say matters, but also that the way that you express what you want to say, matters even more. Clear and concise writing, and clarity of thought, are essential elements of any written piece, whether it is a novel, newspaper article, press release, or academic paper. We understand that your goal as a writer is to ensure that your message is communicated in the most polished and articulate way — an editor can help you do that. At The Reliable Editor, we have the knowledge and skills to improve your content. Our goal is to ensure that your message is clearly communicated to your audience, and that you have something that you feel proud to associate your name with and that your audience is able to connect with.

Questions for us?

please read our FAQs section, or feel free to contact us with your inquiry.

(416) 528-5295 cpoustie@thereliableeditior.com